Team Building has always been a prime focus of corporate. And why not, after all, it is the “Team” that makes the company runs on its wheels on the path of tough competition and survival. To ensure that the team has a good bonding, it is important to check the waters in the due course of time. Several team building exercises help the company in establishing a team that has great interpersonal as well as professional association.

Team building activities are great for the owners, managers as well as the employees because they pave the path of stability. However, the entire efficiency of team building exercises depends upon the selection. You must choose an exercise that offers a high level of trust building assistance, communication activities, decision making & problem solving skills. If you too are considering organizing a team building event, here are some exercises that will help you boost Team Spirit in your company:

Game of possibilities:

Time required: 5 minutes

How to play: This is an easy & quick team building exercise that can be performed with any random object. Given the object, each member of the group has to go to the front and demonstrate a use of the tool. The demonstrator is restricted from speaking and thus has to communicate through signals. The rest of the team has to guess what the demonstrator is trying to say. This exercise boosts creativity & communication skills in the team.

Purpose Mingle:

Time required –1 to 2 minutes

This is a great indoor team building game that takes no time but is considerably effective. This can be done before a meeting to make people know each other better. Let the participants mingle with each other and set a price for the person who makes the maximum number of friendly connections. This will also boost the flow of the meeting.

Scavenger Hunt:

Time required: 1 hour

If your team is bored playing the indoor games, you can pull them outside to have some fun time while boosting the team spirit. The scavenger hunt is one such game that pulls the team together for a scavenger hunt. Start the game with making two teams now hand over a list of things to the team that you have in your office compound or wherever you are playing the game and ask them to mark it with their respective sign. Once marked by a team, an object cannot be marked by the other team. The team that marks the maximum items from the list wins. You can include items like statues, fountains bought from, plants and more. This exercise helps in planning and execution skills.

Blind Drawing:

Time required: 10-15 minutes

For ice breaking session assigning a team job to two unknown individuals is always a great idea. The Blind Drawing exercise does the same. You will need a pen, paper & a picture. Now handover the pen & paper to one from the pair and ask the other to describe the picture o him so that he can draw the same. This exercise helps in breaking the ice and making communication channels smoother.

These are some exercises that you can try organizing in your office to help the team grow together and nurture their internal bond.