A successful mentor/mentee relationship should be fulfilling and beneficial for all involved.

Mentoring, however, is not a magic wand; it’s not a simple ‘step-to-success’ programme. The process needs careful management to ensure everyone involved gets the most out of the opportunity.

Apply these 5 Quick Tips to build a more effective and productive relationship:

1. Keep communications open

Mentee: Be up front. Let your mentor know what your goals are and what you hope to take away from the mentoring programme.

Mentor: Help your mentee set realistic expectations. Also, if you know you will be unavailable because of business or personal commitments, let them know.

2. Offer support

Mentee: Remember that your mentor is there for you, but is only a guide and advisor.

Mentor: Encourage communication and participation. Help create a solid plan of action.

3. Define expectations

Mentee:  Review your goals. Make sure your mentor knows what to expect from you.

Mentor: Help set up a system to measure achievement.

4. Maintain contact

Mentee: Be polite and courteous. Keep up with your e-mails and ask questions.

Mentor: Respond to your e-mails. Answer questions and provide advice, resources and guidance when appropriate.

5. Be honest

Mentee: Let your mentor know if you don’t understand something or have a differing opinion.

Mentor: Be truthful in your evaluations, but also be tactful.

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