Let’s assume that “there is a point related to your employee’s work and let me call it X-point”

 Depending on this assumption answer the following questions:


The next matrix shows the possible combination between the responsible and his/her employee’s awareness level


Both the responsible and his/her employee aren’t aware with the X-point which means s/he will not be able to:

  1. Communicate this X-point to his/her employee.
  2. Motivate his/her employee regarding to this point.
  3. Manage/Evaluate/control his/her employee performance regarding to this point.




The employee knows the X-point more than his/her responsible. That is why Employee Based management always says” The Poor Leader Can’t Lead the Real Leader“.

Imagine how this employee will perceive his/her responsible after finding him/herself knows more than him/her.

To be subordinated by someone who knows less than you this is another definition of demotivation.



In this case we would attribute this responsible with the word Lazy as s/he doesn’t communicate all needed info to his/her employee. Or with more negative view, s/he would like to be the center of all info, the one who has all the ropes. This responsible doesn’t share all his/her info with his employees which cause unclear picture and make the employee feels with vagueness. This kind of responsible represents threat to the organization and Employee Based Management considers him/her as “Internal Hidden Competitor”



This is the ideal case and this is the real meaning of:



So, what about the performance?

For sure the performance will be affected by these different combinations, because the X– point is related to the employee work, and it will be like:


Performance (Q4)> Performance (Q2)> Performance (Q3)> Performance (Q1)


What does ” Performance (Q2)> Performance (Q3)” mean although the responsible in Q3 knows more than his/her employee?


The more you inform your employee with the needed info to perform a task, the more s/he will perform as you planned for. It is not important how much info you know, but how much info you do pass and communicate to your employee.


As Employee Based Management aims to measure the Responsible-Employee-Relation in different areas, so it uses the Awareness Matrix.

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