Organisations across the globe understand the value engaged employees bring to the workplace. In fact, research shows that highly engaged employees produce 26% higher revenue per employee.

Adding such value to an organisation and its bottom line, the importance attached to boosting employee happiness and being attentive to staff needs should be a core focus for companies. Here at ADP, we set our sights on discovering just what motivates, engages and worries employees across Europe.

Where can we find Europe’s happiest employees?

Interestingly, our findings show that over half (56%) of employees across Europe are feeling engaged at work. While optimism peaks in the Netherlands and Germany, UK employees are among the least engaged at work. To tackle this challenge head-on, British employers should consider how they can combat stress levels and instil strategies that motivate all employees.

So, what exactly motivates employees?

UK employees have a strong desire for a better work-life balance, with 31% of naming this as a top motivating factor at work. This is followed by the ability to work when and where they want (29%) and employee benefits that look after long-term financial welfare (24%).

These preferences are important factors to consider such motivators when engaging with employees. While a flexible working pattern may help employees find balance between work and external commitments, benefits tailored to the financial needs and goals of individual employees is also key in ensuring staff feel respected.

Where does workplace stress peak?

It is rather concerning to see that nearly half (43%) of UK employees feel threatened by high stress levels. In fact, 15% of workers feel that they experience stress very or too often, while just 9% feel that they never experience stress at work.

Despite large levels of tension felt among employees, it is a relief to see that over three quarters (79%) of workers feel their organisations are mostly doing their part to relieve stress levels. In fact, employees working in the UK feel most supported by their employees compared to their European counterparts.

How are organisations helping dissolve stress?

Those organisations that are open to helping employees deal with stress have a number of tactics in place. For example, 21% of UK employees say that their employer helps them deal with work pressure by discussing concerns, followed by helping reduce workloads (20%) and discussing the causes of stress (19%).

In 2016, it is important that organisations across Europe set their sights on creating an engaged workforce, taking a tailored approach to catering to the individual needs and desires of their staff. This way, organisations can ensure that their greatest asset – their employees – are highly motivated and feel appreciated and respected by the employer.

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