The smartphones are generally used to connect to social networks, check e – mail and texting while tasks related to the world of work are usually made from computers. However, the constant connectivity of these mobile devices can increase the productivity of professionals by allowing them to manage their businesses from anywhere.

Apps for finance management

•     Quickbooks

Mainly oriented to financial management, this tool allows you to record sales in an effective and manageable way, and send emails to customers with estimates. Despite a free trial, subscription costs range from US $ 12.95 to US $ 39.95 .


This free platform can also be used in tablets. Through encryption similar to that used by large international banks, gives you the ability to view account and transaction balances , automatically updating and organizing all the financial information contained in the device.

•     Office Time

The computer version of Office Time is complemented by a program compatible with iPhone and iPad . At a cost of US $ 7.99 , the application allows easy management of finances and organization of business time, in addition to incorporating spreadsheets and schedules.  

There are excetional Number of Finance Management Buisness apps you can find over internet and you can easily Download Android apps on your smartphones for free. One site i have found the most have vast collection of Buisness apps is , Do visit and checkout other finance apps to manage your business experience easily and handy.

Apps of monetary transactions

•     Square

Square includes a free card reader that integrates with your Smartphone and accepts credit card transactions.

•     Google Wallet

Available only for Android OS devices, Google Wallet stores all your credit and debit card information , and allows you to pay for your purchases with the device.   
Data storage apps

•     Box

This platform can host all your company information online, which will allow you to access it from anywhere and give your employees permissions to manage that data. Box has an easy and quick search function, which allowsyou to find the desired files no matter how many . This program offers a trial of fourteen days.

•     Dropbox

The popular cloud storage platform features versions for phones, BlackBerrys and Kindle Fire . Dropbox also lets you invite colleagues or colleagues to view and edit shared files. 

Document Editing Apps

•     Evernote

Through file synchronization in the cloud, Evernote lets you share and organize documents, web pages and other content. In addition, this free tool takes captures and saves audios .

•     Documents to go

This program has a basic version with a cost of US $ 9.99 and a Premium to US $ 16.99 . Documents to go offers the possibility of integrating Microsoft Office and PDF files to your mobile. Through a code called “Intact Technology” , the platform maintains the formats of the files so that the same information looks the same on different devices.

Communication Apps

•     Skype

This platform provides versions compatible with iPhone, Android, Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry , among others, to send or receive voice or video calls. It also allows you to send instant messages and organize all contacts in a single location.

•     Webex

Ideal for scheduling, managing and meeting meetings with anyone, no matter where you are, Webex includes options for sharing information and doing collaborative work in an easy way .

Customer Service Apps:

This program concentrates all the information about the customers of the business, as well as allowing to track, respond and reassign customer requests. The professional can communicate with consumers through social networks, phone calls, email, chat rooms and forums .

•     Get Satisfaction Mobile

Your customers can connect with others, your customer service managers or your manufacturer immediately through a feedback widget on the business website .

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