Our #GetEngaged Twitter chats keep comng, and this time the Q&A was focused around neuroscience – how it can be used in businesses, the challenges in applying it, and the results people are already seeing from using it in their roles. 

We were joined by various industry experts, including Jan Hills from Head, Heart + Brain, learning consultant Niall Gavin, and our editor Jamie Lawrence; as well as several members of the HR and learning community. Here were the questions we asked:

  1. How useful do you perceive neuroscience is to business and why?
  2. What would make neuroscience easier to apply?
  3. What do you think are the misconceptions around applying neuroscience to business?
  4. In what areas are you looking to use neuroscience to help you in your role?
  5. What results have you gained from an understanding of neuroscience?

And here's the live stream of responses:

Live Blog Applying neuroscience to business & HR