It was good news to hear that UK unemployment has fallen while wage growth has hit a near four-year high, according to official figures.
The number of people out of work between February and April fell by 43,000 to 1.81 million, according to the Office for National Statistics. The jobless rate held steady at 5.5%, the lowest level since August 2008.
 Now companies need to look at how they can KEEP these staff in the long-term  in order that they can work effectively, productively and so contribute to the success of the business. And with the free market determining the salaries in most products and services, the most important value-added component an organisation can offer to retain and engage its people will increasingly be….JOB SATISFACTION!
Extensive research over the years to uncover the things that are most important to people in their jobs consistently highlight a number of essential components which deliver job satisfaction.
So with this in mind, here are the five top things people want most in their jobs:- 
1. Recognition
People want recognition for a job well done. Mark Twain famously said he could love for two months on a good compliment. It’s widely known that recognition is a primary motivator of people. What gets rewarded gets repeated.
2. Healthy working environment
People want a clean, safe, well-lit adequate workplace, the proper equipment, and to work alongside colleagues who care and who communicate in an honest, timely fashion. Some organisations even now have workout rooms and bring in trainers to help their teams reach optimum health.
3. Responsibility
People need to believe that they’re responsible for their own actions, can have some influence on what happens, and that they’re trusted. Self-directed teams give people clear responsibility – and the freedom to ‘get on with it.’ They are also the ultimate delegation tool for busy managers.
4. Understanding 
People want to know how the work they do directly contributes to the achievement of the overall goals of the organisation. Sharing the company goals and getting input from your team and your meetings is a good tool for getting buy-in and creating understanding. People want to feel involved and have a sense of purpose. 
5. A Fair Deal
People want an equitable deal from their work – and treated like partners. This means that the things they GIVE (their time, effort, loyalty, enthusiasm etc.) are fairly balanced against what they GET (pay, expenses, benefits, recognition, responsibility, training, career opportunity etc.).
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