In a job interview, one question is commonly asked is: “How would you like to work in the office, independently or in a team?”The answer to this might be based on what the job-seeker thinks the recruiter wants to hear but the reality is that with the rise of open plan offices, this choice is rather limited.

Over the past few decades, there has been a big shift in business, where office design is taking inspiration from names like Apple and Google, opting for open plan office. A study by Genslerstated that by saying goodbye to cubicles and fixed seating plans, businesses can enhance the four different aspects required to be productive, which include focus, collaborate, learn and socialize.Open plan office design sets a business apart in terms of creativity, openness, collaboration, transparency, knowledge sharing, learning, and team building. 

However, if the open office spaces hold such importance, why is it that 58% of high performance employees have admitted to a need for a quieter and more private space for problem solving?According to an article published by CNBC in 2017, open officesareleading to retention problems, while also affecting the quality of the business’ end products.

Disadvantage of an Open Plan Office
Open office spaces can feel likebeing in an environment where communication and collaboration is easy and encourages. But have you noticed those headphones, kept just behind every monitorthat come to the worker’s aid when they need to concentrate, away from the usual distractions in the office?

Open office design poses a major disadvantage to productivity due to the lack of privacy, constant interruptions and increased “low-intensity noise.” Even the movement of a nearby worker can lead to significant distraction, making it difficult for an employee to think or concentrate on the task in hand, says an expert at Extra Office Interiors.

An open office plan not only kills productivity but creates stress due to self consciousness and self censoring. According to an article published by TIME, open plan offices give workers the opportunity to make more casual or chance conversations that can help them come up with new ideas at work. However, these frequent conversations among employees in open spaces tend to be short and superficial, the article went on to say. The reason for this is that when two people talk in an open space, they are conscious of the many ears that are present in their vicinity, always taking in everything sound.

Fitting Glass Partitions
Many companies are now paying attention to the need for privacy and are making constant efforts to make the office space more productive. A solution that has emerged as a bridge between completely open and closed cubicles is the blending in of some private spaces within the office. 

So, those looking forward to get the best of both worlds, where individuals or small groups canretain the feeling of openness yet work alone within private work areas, should consider fitting glass partitions. Gaining immense popularity in recent times, fitting glass partitions not only looks trendy but allows the flow of light through the entire office space. But most importantly, it gives employees the opportunity to personalise their space, which helps in boosting their productivity significantly.

A business can customize the glass walls and dividers to their specific needs. They can embed their company’s logo on the glass or embellish with some artistic etchings. Whatever the choice, make sure it is done by an experienced team of fabricators.

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