Human resources employees are the ones who are responsible for handling all the aspects of an organization. They are in charge of the restructuring process involving all the current and future employees. The human resources professionals may provide vital information, updates, and job resources to those employees who have been displaced from their previous jobs due to restructuring. Human resources department performs the duties of fulfilling staffing recruitment needs that include preparing job descriptions and the salary ranges, posting and publishing of the available jobs in an organization, and interviewing of candidates for employment.

Employee engagement illustrates the commitment and the energy that the workers bring to work, and it is a vital indicator of their continuous involvement and dedication to an organization. Employees who are properly engaged are more productive, satisfied, and are more likely to be more loyal to the organization. When an organization has reliable human resources practices in place, the workers are more inclined to discover that the employees will feel contented, secure and perform their duties to their full potential.

An organization cannot survive for a long time if the top performers quit. A company requires employees who work hard and are loyal so as to achieve the organization's objectives. It is important for the management to retain its valuable employees who contribute their level best for the benefit of the company. An employee who spends longer time with an organization is conversant with the rules, guidelines and policies. Here is list of tips that human resource staff can use to retain employees:

1. Know your employees

Human resource should not copy the practices being executed by other companies. The human resource is supposed to gather information that is based on employee feedback processes. This information is useful in knowing what the employees need. With this information, the management will be able to maintain what they do well and improve what they do not perform well.

2. Creating an employee-centered environment

Human resource should send a message that all employees are valuable. This is achieved through the creation of a flexible and open workplace that promotes work life balance. The reason for this is because employees desire time to enjoy life beyond work. An employer who provides flexible work arrangement will be rated positively. Human resource should also provide innovative benefits such as those that support workers wellness and health. Creation of flexible hour policy, childcare and eldercare support, fitness membership will go a long way in motivating the employees.

3. Recognize top performers

In addition to fair competitive compensation, human resources should improvise a system of rewarding top performers. It should be a routine to provide an immediate and acknowledgment for work perfectly done. Human resource should show their top performers that their opinions are valuable. These workers should be involved in company projects to make them feel respected.

4. Provide opportunities for development

In addition to training, proper employee development programs should be initiated that include mentoring, external education, conferences, associations, job shadowing, job rotation, and temporary assignment to other positions.

5. Effective leadership

Human resource should prove the employees that he has what it takes to have the work done. The human resource department should share its vision and inform the workers how they fit into that vision. The employees should be made to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves and their individual jobs.

Attracting and recruiting a talented individual takes a lot of time, resources and capital. These are wasted if the workers are not positioned to succeed in the company. Most employees will stay if the companies they work for becomes the employers of choice.