Businesses have realized the value of cleanliness and hygiene. This has made the cleaning industry most competitive than ever. Both big and small businesses are focusing on earning clients and growing with the industry norms. Cleaning companies are facing cut-throat competition and because of the unhealthy circumstances, companies have to beat the competitors by hook or by crook.

For this reasons, many times companies compromise on their prices to develop a healthy customer base. However, this reduced price is compensated by delivering lower quality services and avoiding important human resource development for the company employees.

Importance Managing Quality of services and Human Resource Development:

While maintain the service quality is imperative for a business, managing employees and ensuring high employee morale is equally significant. Compromising on quality as well as the employee development can cause an organization major losses. Such losses can range from losing current sales to earning a bad name in the industry. This will also affect the future of the company as eventually the company loses credibility and trust.

Customers always have an alternative option to choose another business which means dying a slow death. To maintain the quality of services, cleaning companies have to ensure that they have skilled, trained and satisfied workforce. Here Human resource department plays a crucial role as t is responsible for the development of the manpower.

Human Resource Development:

It is essential for companies to develop their human resources. However, the demand for Human Resource development rises when you are a cleaning company because you deal in services rendered by employees. Human capital of any organization has impeccable capabilities but only when nurtured right. To strike the right equilibrium between the employees and the service quality, companies need to run various Human Resource development programs.

Grievance handling:

Grievance handling is one of the critical factor affecting employee satisfaction which eventually affects service quality. When addressed and executed in an unbiased manner, grievances can be sorted out before they become a major demotivation factor for the employees. Setting up a panel for grievance handling, which has representatives from operations, administration, Human Resource and employee union is the right way to be fair and justified for handling any complaint and grievances.

Rewards & Recognition:

As a commercial cleaning services provider, your workforce comprises of more blue-collar staff than white collar staff. While promoting a white collar employee is a great reward for him, it might not work when you are dealing with blue-collar employees. When it comes to rewards and recognition, a healthy monetary benefit or a useful gift from the organization is what can create a great value for a blue-collar employee.

Clarity of Job Description:

For blue-collar employees in cleaning industry, the job descriptions are usually generalized. This practice makes it ambiguous for an employee to perform as he does not knows his key performance areas. By defining a more precise job description for each employee or designation, Human resource can contribute significantly in development of the workforce.

When in cleaning industry, service quality and employee satisfaction goes hand in hand. It thus becomes the responsibility of the Human Resource department to ensure high employee satisfaction to enjoy better service quality and eventually healthy returns.

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