We all love a good cup of coffee.

While some of us need the quick fix of an instant others prefer to let their coffee brew in a perculator, allowing for the smooth flavours to develop.

Successful learning and development blends classroom, web based or elearning as well as micro or bite-sized learning which may be videos, eBooks or short courses.

Micro learning – like instant coffee – is quick, easy to access and often innovative. It certainly has a place in modern learning and development.

Micro learning gives users the freedom to top up their knowledge. It acts as a refresher and can provide an individual with some personal motivation or inspiration.

Bite-sized learning can also be a great way for people to read around the main topic by delivering ebooks on subjects that they are interested in and which cater for their own personal development goals.

However there are times when slow-brewed coffee is required. Sometimes people need in depth training with “use case” examples, quizzes, real life scenarios and post testing which stretches the learner, tests their knowledge to really challenge them

This approach gets the learner thinking and analysing the whole subject matter. It creates dialogue between teams and managers and affects real change due to a deeper understanding of the topic.

The most effective courses provide exactly that. Offering your staff a range of online resources means you can cater to all learning styles – espresso, flat while or americano… or tea, there’s something that works for everyone.


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