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Caption competition: And the winner is…


November’s caption competition photo featured Russell Brand appearing on the Jonathan Ross show earlier this year. There were some very amusing entries this month, with many a chuckle raised here at, so it was a really tough one to call. However, there could only be one winner, and that was Alan Barry. His winning entry was:

And this is the finger that dialled the number that launched 30,000 complaints.

Alan can choose from either an Italian red (Possessioni Rosso 2005) or a Loire white (Pouilly Fume Pierre Marchand 2006) as his prize.

A few of our other favourites were:

“I’ve been Sached”

“My P45ey”

“Sachs enough of that, show me some respect people”

Photo credit: Brian J. Ritchie/Rex Features

13 Responses

  1. Competition
    “How many weeks will I have to wait before TrainingZone announces the winners of its last Caption Competition?”

  2. Sachs
    “I told you that I could help you reach a wider audience, 30,000 complaints from people who didn’t even hear the show and you’re in the news big time, that must be worth another £10 milion when you renegotiate your contract”

  3. Sachs
    “only two complaints on the night, it was hardly worth the cost of the call, we’ll have to stop holding back and really let rip on the next show Wossey”

  4. Sachs
    “and this is the finger that dialled the number that launched 30,000 complaints”

  5. Caption Competition Entry
    But nobody seems to have asked the most important question – how was it for her?

  6. Caption Competition Entry
    But did either Jonathan or myself ever drive a lorry through a brick wall, I ask you?

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