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Changing Contracts


Groundwork Black Country operate a New Deal scheme. Through public funding we have been able to create waged opportunities for pepople on this scheme through the creation of Intermediate Labour Markets. We have set up a subsidiary company which employs people working in the ILMs for up to 12 months. We want to add in clauses to their contracts which state that they have to undertake training and external work placements with suitable companies. The reason for this is because we are trying to move people into long-term, sustainable employment but have faced resistance from people. What we want to know is….is this possible? Can we legally add in clauses like this to any new contracts? Please help.
Liz Gough

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    I have just spoken to the editor of , one of our sister sites, about your question. I strongly suggest that you post it on their ‘Any Answers’ section as well, and get the best of both communities!

    Richard Sergeant
    TrainingZone and HRZone

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