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Classroom based learning still favoured


In spite of a wealth of technology-based learning and development tools being adopted, classroom-based learning remains the most popular training format.

According to a survey undertaken among 2,500 employees at companies in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain by learning and development provider Cegos Group, nine out of 10 still receive training in a classroom setting.
Coaching was also provided for 43% of respondents, up from 35% last year, while 44% undertook online long-distance training using tools such as video or e-learning, a slight increase on last year’s 42%. Some 37% employed a blended learning approach, however, up from 31% in 2010.
Francis Marshall, Cegos UK’s managing director, said that the single most important change in training provision was that “learning today is demand- rather than supply-driven with employees working directly with their managers to create a training portfolio that is right for them”.
This self-directed approach offered significant benefits by reflecting the needs of the business more effectively, he added.
But there remained significant numbers of employees that were still not receiving any training at all, with about a quarter of respondents saying they were unsure as to why they had failed to receive any over the last three years.
As to whom personnel were most likely to turn to for information about how to obtain training, 55% said they would go to their line manager and only 36% to either HR or training managers.
Despite this situation, the study found that only 13% of managers had received management training this year, down from 16% in 2010, with the main focus being on developing technical job-related skills instead.

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  1. Online Learning

    I have to admit I was slightly shocked that the results of this latest pole states that classroom learning is still the most popular format in training companies. Although it was encouraging to see there was a slight increase in online learning up to 44% and an increase in the blended types of learning. I am an advocate of online learning and I am watching the advances made with key interest.  

    Dave Evans Commercial Director at accessplanit Specialist in Course Registration Software and training management software


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