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Coffee Break: Commuting, HR Tech & million dollar mission statements


Another week has gone by, and so here we are to bring you the latest round-up of HR news, opinion and assorted bits and bobs from across the internet.

Let us know what you've enjoyed reading this week, and what you think of the articles we've shared below!


How to wrtie a million dollar mission statement (Inc)

How business leaders understand purpose reveals a lot about corporate America (Huffington Post)

Retail CEOs: Your customers are 85% women, so where are your women leaders? (Stephen Newton, LinkedIn)


Employee flexibility: why aren't they happy? (Switch and Shift)

Do your employees hate their jobs? (SHRM)

Why the future office will be as much about fun as work (BBC News)

Work is work, so stop with the fiction (Eremedia)

Changing HR

Bye bye, Human Resources? (Ben Whitter, LinkedIn)

– Recruiting is a team sport (Tim Sackett)

Impact of the selfie generation on HR technology (Jason Averbook, LinkedIn)

HR technologies to watch, Q2 2016 (William Tincup, LinkedIn)


How to have an honest conversation about job satisfaction with your boss (Mashable)

How far is too far? The distance workers commute to cities (Guardian)

The future of jobs: 5 options everyone must consider (Forbes)

The proposed 'right to disconnect' after work is welcome, but not enough (The Conversation)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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