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Coffee Break: PLNs, firing strategies and why HR needs more manners


You've worked hard enough to earn yourself a break, so make yourself a brew and read through our picks of the week's news, blogs and opinion.

Tell us what you've enjoyed reading this week, or what you think of the articles we've shared below!


The subconscious advantage of whiteness in hiring (Leniece F. Brissett, LinkedIn)

– The terrible manners of employers who ghost on job candidates (Quartz)

– Make the most of your online job application experience (Third Sector Jobs)

– Going with the gut: The case for combining instinct and data (Epic)


– Two common misconceptions about leadership and management (Effectory International)

– I'm often wrong – so I have a #PLN (David D'Souza, LinkedIn)

– Making the move from mate to manager (Serial Trainer)

– Expensify’s firing strategy (David Barrett, LinkedIn)


– Zenefits’ company culture turnaround and employee engagement (Get Hppy)

What makes people feel upbeat at work (The New Yorker)

The changing shape of the modern workplace (Forbes)

The generation game (Gethin Nadin, LinkedIn)


– The scientific reason why coworking might be the future of work (Fast Company)

– Not enjoying your job? Let the spark of passion come first (Wired)

– Rearrange employee seating to maximise efficiency (HR Magazine)

– Why GE is giving up employee ratings, abandoning annual reviews and rethinking the role of HQ (Jeff Immelt, LinkedIn)

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  1. Hi Shonette,
    Hi Shonette,

    Thanks for the coffee break! I enjoyed the article about culture turnaround because it breaks down how new CEOs immediately institute new values. Implementing these values requires the support of management and new hires alike, but it still takes time. I think that diving into the day-to-day of culture building is interesting, and recently published an article that provides insights on how to make those changes.

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