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Competence tests at recruitment stage


I am looking to introduce competence testing at the recruitment stage for all levels of staff (administration, secretarial, supervisory and management(.

If you have details of any tried and tested materials please could you let me know what they are. I can be contacted by e mail on
Denise Halton

2 Responses

  1. Psychometric tests or assessment exercises
    Most of the psychometric test/assessment material providers have proven, validated tests or exercises. Whilst this is not a cheap option it does avoid/minimise possible accusations of discrimination. Guidelines and training are given that include the level/appropriateness of the material. Jenny

  2. Testing

    One way would be to purchase a generic software testing applicationa and then create your own question banks to use when conducting recruitment interviews. This would give you the flexibility of reusing the software also for other purposes.

    If you would like to know more you can e-mail me at


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