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Can anyone recommend software to record employees CPD hours. The employees are lawyers and are required by the law society to gain 16 hours CPD a year. The software needs to be simple to use and able to record hours on a day by day basis. Training can be via course or self study and this will need to be covered in the software.

Any recommendations graetly received.

Mandi Sturmey
Mandi Sturmey

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  1. CPD recording software

    Hi Mandi,

    Many law firms use Dovetail software. I don’t have experience of using this, but the printouts I’ve seen look comprehensive.

    After years of using a Word document (!), we are going to have access to part of an HR system (Rebus) as a Training database, with a CPD recording component.


  2. Learning Management Systems

    MMT are an independent supplier of e-learning solutions. One of the services we provide is the selction of a learning management system from the many available. This software will allow you to track all learning activity thus providing the evidence you need for CPD. If you would like to know more you can e-mail me on

    Take a look at our web-site



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