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Do you check for illegal workers?


New laws tackling illegal migrant workers come into force on 29 February, which mean employers face higher penalties for taking on illegal workers. Under the regulations, firms face fines of up to £10,000 per staff member and a two-year prison sentence for knowingly employing illegal workers.

Ahead of the new rules, we’re interested to know at what point, if at all, you check the legality of new workers. Tell us in the poll below. Your response is anonymous. You can post any other comments on the issue below.


Lucie Benson

At what point in the recruitment process do you verify the legality of new employees?
On receipt of CV
On invitation to interview
Prior to offering the candidate the position
After candidate has accepted job offer
After candidate has begun working at your company
Not at all


One Response

  1. Illegal Immigrants
    I do not actually hire workers, but I do advise employers on this issue as well as many others, in my consultancy job as an employers’ advocate. In New Zealand our immigration laws are pretty straightforward………you cannot hire anyone [other than an Australian national] who does not have some form of work visa. The penalties are formidable, and it is a rare occasion to hear of someone being hired where the employer did not ensure the correct visa was in place. So I advise ALWAYS, be sure everyone applying for a position in your company understands that they prove they are a New Zealand or Australian citizen, or they have a work visa to cover the paraticular circumstances. The most recent infringements have occurred where foreigners, albeit they may be NZ citizens, have hired, usually their countrymen, without the necessary clearance. Sounds like discrimination I know in describing nationalized folk as foreigners, but that just happens to be the case. Shame as always, as it casts aspersions on all like ethnic employers.

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