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Election 2010 – your manifesto


What do you want to see the parties promising you this election? We’re putting together a manifesto wishlist to win the hearts of the HR community.

Now that parliament has been dissolved, the campaigning really has officially begun. The parties have been delivering hints and statements on their policies for some time now, but we can expect a deluge of promises to hit us in the next few weeks.

As we know, politicians are likely to tell us only what they want us to hear, which is why we’d like to know what you’d like to hear. What promises could a party swear which would make you run to the polling station and vote for them, forsaking all other parties, on 6 May?

Here we’re gathering your ideas and will put them into a manifesto wishlist. We’ll see how many of these ideas are actually included in party promises and how many – if any – get kept.

They don’t have to be strictly HR focused, we just want to know what you’d like to see in these exciting political times.

Perhaps you’re against the rise of National Insurance for employers, or think the national minimum wage is too low, or too high.

Maybe you think business should be left alone – or regulated more strongly.

Perhaps you think there should be more support for SMEs or tighter regulation on bonuses and other performance-related pay.

What about pensions – what, if anything, should the government be doing?

All of these issues and more – we want to build a manifesto to win the hearts of HR. Add your suggestion below to be part of it.

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Charlie Duff


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