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Employee engagement trends: our curated list of insight reports


Employee engagement trends continue to point to a significant and evidenced link between the levels of engagement and overall organisational performance.

With this in mind, we've collated some of the best and most respected reports into employee engagement trends in one place so you can access what you need.

Whether you're building a business case for engagement, trying to attract further investment or wanting to see what the future holds when it comes to upcoming engagement expectations from employers and employees, you'll find the data and insight required in this guide.

Study: 2015 Employee Engagement Landscape [PDF]

Author: pwc
Date: 2015

Key learnings include:

  • Key drivers of engagement include: leadership vision, respect and fairness and growth and development
  • Top four obstacles to individual work performance identified as: doing work for others, being included in unnecessary meetings, paperwork and unproductive colleagues
  • Engagement 'energy' can be wasted if efforts are not made to translate that energy into performance

Report: The 2015 State of Employee Engagement [PDF]

Author: Edelman
Date: 2015

Key learnings include:

  • Engagement is 'hugely over-reported' – are surveys not giving representative data?
  • You really need to start asking what you want to engage your employees with
  • Employees don't 'trust that surveys lead to action'

Study: 2014 Global Workforce [web page]

Author: Willis Towers Watson
Date: 2014

Key learnings include:

  • In companies where both leaders and managers are perceived by employees as effective, 72% of employees are highly engaged.
  • Employees who feel their organisation is effective in areas of the employment deal are significantly more likely to be highly engaged than those who do not.
  • The fundamentals — base pay, job security and career advancement opportunities — matter most to employees globally when deciding to join or leave an organisation.

Report: 2014 Trends in Global Employee Engagement [PDF]

Author: AON Hewitt
Date: 2014

Key findings include:

  • There are signs that the employee value proposition is breaking down and companies must take action in this area
  • Three key engagement drivers are identified as: managing performance, organisational reputation and pay
  • Average front-line employees (non-management) are on par with engagement levels globally

Report: Employee Engagement Trends Report [PDF]

Author: PeopleMetrics
Date: 2011

Key findings include:

  • You can separate engagement drivers into functional (e.g. rewards, resources) and emotional (e.g. growth, trust, purpose)
  • Leading companies realise they can't simply sit back and enjoy high levels of engagement – they must continually focus on the employee experience
  • There's been a reduction in the number of employees 'sitting on the fence' in terms of 

Report: A Look Ahead: Employee Engagement Trends for 2016

Author: BIWorldwide
Date: 2015

Key learnings:

  • You should seek more from your managers in terms of spotting and rewarding desired behaviours
  • Make work meaningfulness by delegating projects that would not otherwise get completed
  • Higher levels of employees can be found among staff following compassionate leaders – so work on developing your compassion
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Jamie Lawrence

Insights Director

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