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#ExploreChange: A campaign to transform UK workplace culture

Real guidance, achievable steps to help you start your workplace culture journey

To drive our mission to create better workplace cultures, HRZone’s Culture Pioneers team has launched #ExploreChange – an action-focused campaign to support organisations embarking on their culture-shaping journey. 

We’re inviting employers across the UK to, first, declare their commitment to positive culture change and, second, take part in a series of challenges that will help deliver valuable insights and tools to create a more positive and productive work environment.

We believe that every employee has the right to work in an inclusive environment that supports their wellbeing and personal growth. By putting the hard graft in to create this thriving working environment, organisations will reap great rewards – from reduced turnover and absenteeism to greater engagement and productivity levels to improved financial performance.

Any individual or organisation that believes in the power of people-centred workplace cultures and is open to exploring change can join us.

Unlocking better business performance through culture change

Through #ExploreChange we’re encouraging business leaders, people professionals and organisations across all industries and sizes to join the movement and become advocates for workplace culture change in the UK. 

Here’s how you can get involved…

1. Start with intent

Show your current (and future!) employees and customers that you are committed to a healthy workplace culture by signing our public pledge. Shout loud and proud about your dedication and invite others to join the movement.

2. Take action

Actions speak louder than words. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, we encourage you to take one of three scalable, no-cost culture-crafting challenges.

Whether you are looking to focus on employee mental health and wellbeing, learning and development or diversity and inclusion, we have a challenge to get you started.

Download the #ExploreChange Explorer’s Guide

3. Share and inspire 

Show the world the moves you’re making. Share your experiences of taking part in the culture-crafting activities on social media using hashtags #ExploreChange and #CulturePioneers and tag @HRZone. We will then reshare your achievements to our social network of over 90,000 followers.

Joining the movement

Just as culture change cannot be achieved by working in silos, our mission to create more thriving workplace cultures is not possible without bringing together motivated, human-first ambassadors. #ExploreChange is supported by a network of business leaders, organisations and people professionals from across the UK, including our partners The TCM Group, Pecan Partnership and Culture Amp.

Any individual or organisation that believes in the power of people-centred workplace cultures and is open to exploring change can join us. We encourage you to embark on the first step by taking our pledge.

#ExploreChange is part of our wider Culture Pioneers programme to support and celebrate the heroes of culture change – through offering expert guidance, culture-crafting activities, an awards programme and networking event. Find out more about our full programme here.


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Becky Norman

Managing Editor

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