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Fifty top tweets from the CIPD Annual Conference 2013


The CIPD Annual Conference took place on November 6th and 7th in Manchester, UK. It was a special occasion for the organisation as they were also celebrating their 100th year anniversary, which was commemorated with a gala dinner on the night of the 6th.

Like HR Tech Europe, which happened last month (October 2013), the CIPD Annual Conference was marked by very active Twitter users reporting live from the multiple sessions going on throughout the two-day event.

Here are fifty of the best tweets from the CIPD Annual Conference 2013. The hashtag was #CIPD13.

  1. If the silly rumours of the death of HR are true, this is the liveliest funeral service I've been to! #CIPD13 –grahamsalisbury
  2. Context shapes people's behaviour much more than our perception of someone's demeanour. @DanielPink -sukhpabial
  3. A key takeaway- "you can increase your effectiveness by re-calibrating and reducing your feelings of power." –HRZone
  4. I liked @DanielPink idea for making people more empathetic & attuned: reduce their sense of power. V good use of behav science –jonnygiff
  5. If you don't have diversity of people, you are unlikely to have any diversity of opinion. Soon you will be out of business. -CultureEffect
  6. Bob the builder is the most influential UK leader since Churchill @DanielPink. –Tompaisley
  7. Dan Pink "make it easy for people to act" maybe easier than changing minds –MarkBeatson1
  8. “If content is king. Context is kingdom” @Cheese_Peter -RapiDBI
  9. Reflective self-talk ("Can you do this?") prior to a sales meeting is better than positive affirmation #cipd13 -HRZone
  10. Dan Pink – in negotiations focus on what people are THINKING (thoughts and interests) not feelings. –mightywaters
  11. Dan Pink: "high status people stink at perspective taking" -KatyAskew
  12. When using social media as a business: Prepare for the worst, expect the best –Tompaisley
  13. Change is about behaviour more than process. Have clear leadership framework underpinned by values –Kenexa_HR_Inst
  14. Graham Abbey: trust is like a muscle. Got to keep stretching and exercising it –katie_jacobs
  15.  Here's a nice one for parents: "Your daughter isn't bossy, she's just got executive leadership skills." –HRZone
  16. What do you think Gen Y want most from work? Work life balance and new experiences are close. –Arf_22
  17. Air of scepticism in the people analytics session but our jobs will get much easier when we create a common language –tomfraine
  18. Should we be asking managers without diverse teams WHY they are not diverse? Self-accountability seems like a start…. –CultureEffect
  19. Over focus on gender can be upsetting for men/other groups. Focus on inclusion. Inclusion is good for business. –katie_jacobs
  20. Effective enterprise leadership – ability to work well across organisational boundaries – is the greatest differentiator –mightywaters
  21. Do we need to shift from the dominance of finance? I can't put a number describing if I'm valued, but I know. -OD_optimist
  22. Is this the BIG question, how do we transform people from being a cost to an asset on the balance sheet? –HRTinker
  23. Diverse teams help avoid group think in an organization-Sarah Churchman, PwC. –LALAUK
  24. Facebook says: If you don't want to manage people, get out! Be honest. Go back being an individual contributor. We'll help with dignity.. –Damiana_HR
  25. You can't manage a secret -teams need to work together to solve problems and build competitive advantage. –Damiana_HR
  26. Facebook has goals and non-goals to keep it focused on what is important. Non-goals are great things there's not yet time for. –katie_jacobs
  27. Facebook has goals and non-goals to keep it focused on what is important. Non-goals are great things there's not yet time for –FrauDeee
  28. "Incentivisation and job design in most companies creates a situation where the boss is the employee's customer." –HRZone
  29. The top 5% organisations have a 1 in 3 chance of being toppled within 3 years. That's why adaptability matter… -Cheese_Peter
  30. 'Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn' –Tompaisley
  31. Middle management is often neglected despite firefighting wicked problems and championing innovation and change. @AndyLancasterUK –Damiana_HR
  32. Your role as a leader is "chief engager of others" via Stephen Lehane, Boots –petergold99
  33. Stephan Lehane, Boots: If you work for an org that you feel is not on your side – then you are likely to be miserable at work. –CultureEffect
  34. "The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have" Vince Lombardi, great quote in your talk today @PerryTimms. –Dsmedders
  35. "How many people have insights in shower/gym?" Lots of hands go up. "How many have them at work?" Silence. Cue laughter. –HRZone
  36. Translate values to find individuals own attachment point. ASK people if the values are meaningful… –CultureEffect
  37. The end of competitive advantage? There's a mismatch yes, but not the end – the start of people advantage –joningham
  38. Great session on neuroscience, we need to rethink our performance management approaches to create non-threatening reward states –SarahEArmitage
  39. I am not a Human Resource, I am a Human Being – treat me like an individual and I will give you more. –N_Thomson
  40. "There are inherent risks in social media but we need to move beyond that" –jonnygiff
  41. "Tell me 1 thing you've done to support <insert core behaviour here> this week" if the answer is 'nothing' then you have a problem… –CultureEffect
  42. Anthony Douglas: You manage risk by strengthening systems and people, not over analysing risk. –ArvandHickman
  43. No.1 reason we use social is to keep up to date –sterling_amanda
  44. Mastery, autonomy and purpose- the three motivators that will drive cognitive work IF the money aspect is satisfactory. –energyforteams
  45. HR is about doing the right thing – good work gives us good societies… Via Gareth Jones and Rob Goffee. –GPStrategiesUK
  46. "You will get the behaviours that you are prepared to walk past" says @davidtmacleod -Engage4Success
  47. Youth unemployment is a mental health time bomb: scary thoughts from Prof Gareth Jones at CIPD Conference –QuickLearn
  48. Strong case for greater #engagement in NHS: "In hospitals, when engagement levels decrease, 8 months later moratlity rate increases" –HR_InSights
  49. HR needs to share information not horde it! Employees want to know what's really going on! –RichardDoherty
  50. Moral authority is based on the rationality of ends, not means – and so is HR. –dds180
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