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How to take the hassle out of evaluations, appraisals, benchmarking, feedback – go online


Collecting feedback information from users and staff can be a nightmare. You finally get round to issuing the forms, then you have to chase people to get them back, and eventually you have to find time to analyse the results.

Well, a new service simplifies this entire process and enables you to do it online – and it will be available here within the next few weeks.

TrainingZone and HR Zone have teamed up with to provide users with a wide range of online feedback tools including:

  • Training Course evaluation forms
  • 360 degree staff appraisal tools
  • Customer satisfaction survey tools
  • Organisational benchmarking tools
  • Team development tools
  • Individual and team recruitment selection tools
  • Employee feedback tools

Users will be able to browse and select the various tools, list the people to whom you wish to send the instrument, issue and follow up with people electronically, and finally, collate the results and generate the report automatically.

These services will be available in March and will add to the already extensive menu of online services currently available within the comprehensive HR Resource Centre and the Trainers Toolkit.

And did you know that you can now offer the entire HR Resource Centre, Trainers Toolkit, and other business services on YOUR own website or company internet? It’s simple and easy. Here’s how.

2 Responses

  1. Evaluation forms
    I am looking forward to seeing some good quality evaluation forms that include pre and post course aims, objectives,and reviews – not just another selection of “happy sheets”

  2. Excitement at the prospect
    Look forward to seeing and understanding how this critical aspect of ‘leading and inspiring people’ works and how 2 way ‘user-friendly’it is.

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