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HR Happy, HR Horror


It’s been an exciting week in HR as recent stories have had us lurching from fist-clenching horror to joyful elation. Join us as we look back over our highs and lows of the past five days.


  • For naked phone time – Over 40% of men make telephone calls in the nude, according to Post Office HomePhone. Luckily no one in our office has yet hit us with this aesthetic joy, but we still have our eyes closed just in case.
  • For sleepy staff – National Nap at Work week begins on Monday and Pitman Training has given us some handy tips to save 113 hours a year – that’s a lot more sleepy time! Apparently if you speed up your typing, you’ll become super efficient and can thus reward yourself by having some quality pyjama time. Does that mean if you delegate your typing to someone else you never have to leave your duvet behind?
  • For career confidence – An impressive 89% of office workers never worry about being fired because they believe their bosses could not cope without them. The research from administrative personnel provider OfficeTeam reveals either a nation of incredible talent, or just amazing self-delusion.
  • Horror:

  • For addicts, alcoholics and nicotine lovers – Gordon Brown has added 9 pence onto cigarettes, 4p to wine and 1p to beer – will it stop those lunchtime “meetings” in the pub, though?
  • For HR Juniors – It’s bad news for the new HR generation as the number of HR assistants quitting the field tripled last year. Research from Remuneration Economics urges employers to offer assistants more than administrative duties to keep them hooked. Perhaps more lunchtime pub meetings?

  • Do you have any happy or horrifying HR news? Post your comments below.

    One Response

    1. Happy News!!
      Jo Cameron is no longer on our TV’s!!!!

      After much blubbering and arguing and putting the HR profession in a bad light she has been fired from the Apprentice!!

      Sir Alan’s comment “She trained directors at MG Rover on how to make a profit – no wonder they went down the pan!!”

      Would i buy a used car from Jo? No!! She was too scary to sell anything!!

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