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HR Tip – Changed terms of employment


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HRD & Payroll Solutions continues to bring HR Zone members a range of HR tips. This week’s tip looks at changed terms of employment.

Q: Some of our employees have agreed to changes to their hours of work and to their holiday arrangements. Do we have to issue new contracts?

A: No. All that you are required to do is give each employee affected written confirmation of the changes within one month of them coming into effect.

However, you may wish to issue new contracts if you feel that the old ones are out of date, unclear or need tidying up but be sure to let employees know if you are making any changes in content or wording and give them opportunity to discuss these with you.

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One Response

  1. Implications of delayed letters
    What are the possible implications of the letters being written more than one month after the chnge, and does this apply to all types of T&C changes or just those affecting hours or holiday entitlement?

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