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HR tip: Changing terms and conditions of employment


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Question: "If I change someone's terms and conditions of employment, do I have to issue a new contract?"

HR Tip:
There is no need to do this, though you must confirm the change in writing within one month of it coming into effect. If the change is small, a brief note may be sufficient. However, in this case, be sure to put a copy on file with the original contract, make sure that it is dated, and ideally keep the original contract and subsequent changes in a chronologically ordered file. If there are several changes, for example because you are promoting someone to a management job with different terms and conditions, you may find it more convenient to issue a completely new contract.

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  1. Manking amendments to contract
    We are bringing in new policies which have been agreed with the Unions, eg new disciplinary policy, new sickness absence policy.

    I was planning to issue individual copies of these 10 new policies with a covering letter but no actual new contract.

    Will this be OK?

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