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HR tip: Music in office


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"During the three days before Christmas we played carols over the Tannoy system. Now several employees have asked if we could play music in the workplace all the time in order to keep people cheerful. Do you see any problems?"

HR tip:

You certainly would need a licence from the Performing Rights Society, so have a look at their website: However, be aware that the season of goodwill ends with a bump in January, that not everyone has the same taste in music, and that some people find background music highly irritating. Try it if you wish, but be prepared for complaints about the types of music, the volume, and the disposition of speakers. Personally I would restrict it to Christmas.

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  1. My experience
    In my last 2 jobs the radio was on in an open plan area. Choice of music was least offensive, i.e. Radio 2, nobody’s favourite but everyone could listen to it.

    I wasn’t at all keen at first, but it was actually very positive for both productivity and team morale. The music actually helped people to cut themselves off from what was going on around them and were better able to concentrate on what was going on.

    Also in the back of your mind you’d every so often hear something funny or stupid or whatever which brought some good natured humour into the office.

    I’d recommend it.

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