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HR tip: Pin-ups in the machine shop


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"The lads in our packing department have some quite racy pin-ups on the walls. A female member of staff, who works in another department and never needs to go into packing, nevertheless has complained. This seems grossly unfair and would demoralise the lads if we acceded to her request. But she insists that she has the law behind her. Does she?"

HR tip:

Yes she does. Pin-ups are a sexist statement that to many people, both male and female, demean women. Anyone who goes into your packing department might be offended and therefore would be victim of sexual harassment and in a position to take legal action against you, the employer. I really don't think the lads would be demoralised. Sorry maybe, but not demoralised. After all, do their wives allow them to have pin-ups on the living-room walls at home in order to stave off depression?

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