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HR Tip: Right to car parking spaces


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Q: We need to use part of the existing staff car park for an office extension and the employees are complaining and claiming that custom and practice allows them to continue using the area. How do we stand?

A: If your contracts of employment state that you will provide car parking space then you must either continue to do so in some other area or compensate by paying local car parking fees.

In the absence of such a statement your employees have no right to park on your premises. In this latter case take care how you tell them. Do not tell them that they will have to park in the street in case this brings the wrath of the police or, much worse, neighbours.

If your people really will have a problem you may help them to arrange car sharing, or you may be able to come to a deal with a local landowner or car park operator. At the very least show that you understand your employee's problem and do what you reasonably can to help.

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