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HR tip: Sexual harassment claim from ex-employee


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"A woman who recently left our employment has now written to complain that, during her time with us, her boss sexually harassed her. As she has left, do we need to do anything?"

HR tip:

Yes, and quickly. Urge her to put her complaint to you in written detail so that you may carry out a thorough investigation. Then ask her to attend a formal grievance hearing. Let her know right away that you will do all this.

You must act promptly and record everything that you do in writing so that, if the woman takes legal steps against you without engaging in the grievance process, her case will be seriously weakened.

Regardless of what the woman does, if you find that sexual harassment did take place, you must take appropriate disciplinary action against the perpetrator and use the incident to demonstrate to all your employees that harassment in any form is not tolerated and will bring severe retribution.

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