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HR tip: Staff appraisals


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Q: "We hold regular staff appraisals, but what is the point of appraising a man who is going nowhere?"

A: Why do you appraise staff? Presumably to let them know how they are doing, what problems they may have, what concerns you may have, what help they may need, and how they would like to develop. In which case all but the last point are ones to take up with the employee you mention. I am not happy with "going nowhere". If the employee is performing badly you need to deal with the problem within the disciplinary or capability process as appropriate. But if he is content to just carry on doing the same old job, year in year out, then lucky you! You will have an element of stability in your workforce. Some people seek promotion, some want regular changes or new challenges in their work, others just want a secure, reasonably interesting and adequately paid job with a bit of good company thrown in. The last group should be well looked after and the appraisal interview is a fine medium for doing so.

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  1. What if they dont want to be appriased?
    I know of some people who are just happy doing the job that they are doing and are not looking for development or promotion. How do you appraise someone who does not want to be appraised?

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