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HR Zone Members Newswire #134 Commute more, work less?


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 134
24 January 2005

Editor's note
Nik Kellingley advocates a just say no policy when it comes to
logging travel time against hours of work. But what do you
think? Should managers make provisions for that long trek

Elsewhere in this latest members' newswire we've got legal
guidance from Browne Jacobson and Clarkslegal LLP on the rules
governing contact rights for the long-term sick. Scroll below to
find this article and more Any Answers.


Annie Hayes MCIPD
mailto:[email protected]

Are you responsible for your organisation's reward strategy?
If so, join hundreds of your fellow professionals from 7-9
February at the CIPD Annual Reward Conference 2006. Hear
speakers from leading organisations such as McDonalds, The John
Lewis Partnership and British Gas share their experiences and
latest thinking in this crucial area of HR.

Key business solutions:
Catch up on the latest answers supplied by members at Any
Answers and have your say by posting your thoughts to:

Company car rights during maternity leave
Sandra Beale
Makes the case for the continuation of benefits.

Should a grievance be lodged?
Keith Luxon
Suggests deploying some avoidance tactics.

Sickness absence during probation
Carrie Mansfield
Sympathises with Christine's dilemma.

Legal advice on HR Zone
What's the answer? Contacting absent employees
Rebecca Hewett gets legal guidance this week from Browne
Jacobson and Clarkslegal LLP on the rules governing contact
rights for the long-term sick.

News in Brief
The week in HR – Jobless count climbs
Official statistics reveal employment levels are slipping, rose-
tinted glasses skew HR's own perception, a lack of testing
undermines the PAYE filing standard and why board members are
hampering coaching efforts.

Can you help solve these business issues?
Catch-up with the latest questions being asked by the community
and add your answers at:

Should holidays be compulsory?

Keith Luxon offers his tips on how to commercialise HR – how do
you do it?

Fiona Fritz needs your help with a salary restructure – can you

Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

GE Energy; Morgan Stanley, Friends Provident, International SOS,
Flexecutive, Mid Devon District Council, Aurora, Carphone
Warehouse, Psychological Assessments Australia Pty Ltd, GNER,
British Medical Association, Hackney Council, East Cheshire NHS
Trust, Hobbs, Morrisons, Warwick Business School.

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