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Information Specialist Required


I am about to advertise for an Information Specialist for our Learning Resource Centre at the Scottish Prison Service College and was looking for some assistance with:-

1. A job description
2. Suggestions where to advertise
3. Possible qualifications I should be looking for.

Colin G Thomson

3 Responses

  1. Response from TrainingZone
    Colin, After our conversation the other day it seems like Janet has come up with a similar idea. I’d be interested to know how you get on with this vacancy, so please keep in touch. If you want to talk more about Sourcing people via TrainingZone or HRZone please give me a cal 0117 9158652. Regards

  2. Contact the Library Association
    The Library Association ( help with this – they will be able to advise on job descriptions and qualifications. They also have a fortnightly vacancies bulletin, which is also on the web, which is the best place to advertise for librarians and information specialists, because they all get it free as part of their membership. The LA’s phone number is 020 7255 0500.

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