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Jaded jobseeker pledges to work 365 jobs in 365 days


A 30-year-old unemployed father of three from Lancashire is attempting a record-breaking challenge by working 365 different jobs, one each day, for an entire year.

Jamie Dodd, supported by online recruitment resource, decided to set up ‘Project-365’ in an attempt to find his dream career after getting disheartened by the job-seeking process. The project will see Dodd turning his hand to a whole range of jobs up and down the UK for an entire year, but the rules state that he must not take any holiday or sick leave, must work at weekends and will receive the daily rate of pay for each industry, regardless of position.

"Project-365 is all about finding out the skills I have that I simply don’t know I have. Being able to try a different job every day for a whole year, with the support of Monster, is going to give me a unique chance to find out which job I’m best suited to and then go and grab it with both hands," said Dodd.

However, he added that organisations should be doing more to nurture the talents of their employees: "Companies should also be looking at what they can do for their staff – you might have a highly talented worker stuck in the wrong position, not able to make the contribution they are capable of. If a company can find a new role in which the worker can fulfil their potential, everybody wins."

The project kicks off on 1 June 2009 and Jamie’s progress can be followed by visiting

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Verity Gough

Deputy Editor

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