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Mobile phones: a risk for employers?


The news that all mobile phones are to be issued with a “health warning” should start to ring alarm bells with employers.

The health warning is expected to be inserted into the boxes of all mobile phones sold in the UK prior to the run up to the Christmas period. Last year over 4 million mobile phones were sold in the Christmas run up.

In May an official inquiry found no evidence that mobile phone use damaged health, but neither did it prove it was harmless.

The inquiry, chaired by Sir William Stewart, said the widespread use of mobiles by children should be discouraged, but left it to parents to make an “informed choice”.

As the government prevaricates over the safety of mobile phones, it would appear that conflicting messages will only serve to confuse the public.

Businesses now issuing mobile phones to employees could also now find themselves in a difficult position where there is an official warning that the use of mobile phones could cause concern. There is no official advice to businesses on the matter.

Any further research that shows a detrimental effect from the use of mobile phones could leave employers facing potential claims.

An Ananova article on the mobile phone health warning

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