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News: Let’s sack the boss!


More than three quarters of workers would sack their boss if they had the chance, a global poll by job site Monster reveals.

A confident one third (30%) of respondents said they could do a better job than their boss, a quarter said they would nominate another colleague, while one in five favoured a completely new person to take over the manager’s role.
It’s not all bad news for bosses: a quarter of the 2,411 respondents would vote for their boss to stay put.
Monster’s career expert Mary Ellen Slayter put a positive spin on the results.
“The fact we see such a large percentage of people who would vote themselves into their boss’s position shows many workers have confidence and drive, which is ultimately good for any organisation,” she said.
Mexican workers appeared the most self-confident, as nearly half (46%) fancied themselves as better managers than their own boss.
This compared with just 28% in Europe, although the French bucked the general trend with 45% believing they should be in their boss’s shoes.