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Part timers worry about job security


Part-time staff are more worried about job security than their full-time co-workers, according to Legal & General’s Job Security Index.

Job losses at HMV, Rolls Royce and other high-profile companies have helped knock the confidence of all workers, but the drop has been most notable among part-time workers.
The Index showed that 65% of part-time workers were confident about their job security in 2013, 10% lower than the number of full-time staff. This is a fall of 5% since October 2012 and a fall of 2% since January 2012.
This worry seems justified. Last month’s Office for National Statistics’ employment figures showed the number of people in part-time employment had dropped by 23,000. 
Both part- and full-time workers were worried about how they were going to maintain their standard of living and 44% of part-timers were looking at increasing their number of paid hours to boost earnings.
“Our Job Security Index is indicating a downward trend, with an increasing number of both part-time and full-time workers worried about their job security compared to at the end of October 2012," said Mark Holweger, Director at Legal & General’s general insurance business.
"This current lack of confidence in job security could translate into future job losses among part-time workers in the next few months,” he added. 

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