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HR can be a paper-intensive activity, so HRZone members might be interested in finding out which are the best printers and scanners for the job in the Business Buyer’s Guide to Printers.

Produced in association with other online communities run by our parent company Sift Media, the downloadable guide comes in four editions and draws on recommendations and feedback from members of HR Zone and other Sift Media sites including TrainingZone and Models put forward by online community members in an online survey were vetted and filtered by Sift Media’s technology team, John Stokdyk and Jon Wilcox.

Usually, company printers sit in a separate room and grind their way through hundreds of pages a day. These devices will often double up as the office photocopier and document scanner and are frequently leased for a fixed per-page price.

But HR practitioners would recognise the sensitivity of leaving documents such as payroll reports, CVs and disciplinary notes hanging around in a shared print room, so it may be worth considering smaller workgroup devices that give you better physical control over personnel records. Paperless techniques can help maintain document confidentiality, and this was reflected by the popularity of multifunction printers (MFPs) in the survey results. In many cases, such machines will come bundled with document management tools, or facilities to scan documents directly to email or a designated network storage area.

To make it easier for people to find the most suitable models, the Business Buyer’s Guide to Printers comes in four separate editions:

Desktop – No fuss, printers for small office environments typically printing fewer than 20 A4 pages a day. Prices: £60-£300.

Workgroup – Shared printers for small office networks, where users are happy to look after the printer themselves and print fewer than 100 pages a day. Prices: £100-£370.

Networked – Expandable machines able to cope with the varied document needs of 15+ people and workloads in excess of 100 pages a day. Prices: £200-£2,400.

Enterprise – Printer/copiers that can churn out several hundred pages a day, with automated paper-handling and finishing capabilities; often leased on a predictable “per click” cost per page. Retail prices: £400-£3,000.

Follow each link to find out which printers best match your document needs and budget.

The Business Buyer’s Guide to Printers series is published in association with Kyocera Mita and OKI.

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