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Please help me find new “exciting” icebreakers/energisers


Help !! can anyone let me have details of icebreakers or energisers to use at the start of or during training programmes/courses.
Any ideas even on appropriate web sites where these can be found
glenda martin

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  1. If introducing people to new teams on a training event
    I’ve found this one quite fun as it gets people talking and the creative juices flowing! IN teams (8/9 people), get them to devise a team poster with the name of their team, 3 pledges for the course (i.e. I will value my fellow member’s ideas etc..). It needs to be as colourful as possible, if you designate team colours this can also help in deciding the name of the team (i.e Passionate Purples, Red Arrows..). On the poster include a photo or drawing of each team member as well as their name, job, location, something unusual about me etc.. Give them 15 minutes to design and create and then they have to present their fellow team members to the rest of the delegates. Good luck!

  2. Yet another icebreaker – find someone who . . . .
    Find someone who ……

    Lives near you
    has an interesting hobby
    has relatives in other countries
    works/ed part time
    is a vegetarian
    can cook a meal
    can’t cook
    has given up smoking
    has a dog
    feels nervous
    feels excited about today
    rides a bicycle
    got up late this morning
    likes romantic novels/films
    enjoys playing sport
    hates sport
    didn’t like school
    has left home for the first time
    supports a football team
    belongs to a religious group
    has achieved a personal triumph
    has children
    plays a musical instrument
    has the same shoe size as you
    is a voluntary helper
    loves gardening
    hates gardening

  3. Simple energiser
    Get a map of the UK, or Europe etc if necessary, plus some sticky coloured stars.

    Ask participants to stick their star on their birthplace/home town, and to say 3 things about living there.

  4. Breaking the ice.

    A search on icebreakers will give you many links to sites offering freebies.

    Searches on ‘energisers’ and ‘quizzes’ gives good results too.

  5. Something a little different…
    JollySerious Events design and run all sorts of icebreaking activities – from drumming and performing and building fire sculptures to (quirky)treasure hunting and carnival making… Have a look at our site – – or call me – 0117 944 5361 We are very nice and won’t do any hard selling!

  6. Ice Breakbreaker
    Use the letters of the alphabeth, ask individuals to choose one to describe themselves and explain why they have choosen it.

    Úna Bates.

  7. icebreaking
    There are many books of such stuff around, unfortunately mostly devised since 1970 so the chance are your groups will have at least one who has “done it before”, kinda spoils the effect. For something really original and re-usable go to and talk to Martin Thompson after you have viewed his site. Give him my regards.


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