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Round-up: 7 popular articles from our mental health month


Our mental health focus looks at mental health with a spotlight from very different angles! Here are seven articles we’ve run and why they’re an essential read if you’re looking to take action on mental health in your organisation.

1. Why tackling absenteeism could hike presenteeism

Sickness monitoring, raising awareness of sickness policies and techniques to boost motivation are all ways companies try to ‘tackle’ absenteeism. But they encourage presenteeism – and research is starting to suggest presenteeism has a greater economic cost than absenteeism.

2. How do we combat change fatigue?

Change, change, change – the only other thing that’s certain after death and taxes. But studies show people are suffering from change fatigue, leading to cynicism, passive resignation and apathy, ingredients that do not combine to create a healthy workplace environment. What can we do?

3. Financial wellbeing – time for businesses to act?

Financial wellbeing can cause ‘superworry’ – worry that affects every single aspect of your life. At work, financial worries kill collaboration, creativity and productivity. And with the latest stats and figures revealing the poor state of workers’ financial wellbeing, this is a problem that can’t be ignored. 

4. E-resilience: 5 tips to help you master the technology in your life

Technology is amazing. Everyone gets that. But it comes at a price. It can easily control you, rather than the other way round. This article details five actual steps you can take to address the problem.

5. Anonymous FTSE50 HR Director on why corporate intolerance of mental health must change

Breaking ranks to stand up for what you believe in – I love it. This very senior FTSE50 HR director tells us in no uncertain times why business is the problem in the quest to kill the mental health stigma.

6. Breaking the stigma: why every office needs a Mental Health First Aider

In our most-commented article of our mental health focus, we look at a key question: if physical health is important and we have first aiders, why is the same not true for mental health?

7. Walking meetings at work: how, what, why, when

Sitting round a big table, waiting for your turn to talk. Not a great way to inspire creativity and innovation, or indeed combat the sedentary nature of office work. Walking meetings are a great way to kickstart creative juices and work collaboratively, as well as get some exercise. It’s absolutely win-win.

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Jamie Lawrence

Insights Director

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