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Can anyone help in supplying or recommending where I can find a template for a TNA for support staff (ie. secretaries, receptionists, cashiers, office juniors etc).

Any help gratefully received.

Mandi Sturmey
Mandi Sturmey

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  1. Support Staff
    Dear Mandi

    My name is Margaret Hartigan. I work in Ireland and am just begining to put together a course for receptioninst/front line staff. I would be interested in any replies you get to your query, if you wouldn’t mind forwarding.

    Thank you – Margaret.

  2. Response to Stephen Hewitt

    i look forward to receiving the generic templates.
    many thanks for the assistance

  3. TNA templates
    If you let me have your email address, I can send you some TNA generic templates. I conduct many TNA’s to all kinds of small/medium sized companies and have various tools that can be used. Email if you want to discuss the process.

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