How good coaching can replace bad performance reviews


There seems to be increasing chatter in the HR and L&D worlds that it’s time to abandon performance reviews and annual appraisals. The claim is that these processes are a tired relic of 20th century manual work and have no relevance to today’s knowledge economy. There are certainly some obvious problems. For example, how do […]

Rise to the top: how to nurture successful teams


Performance management strategies would benefit from embracing Carol Dweck’s theory: developing a growth mindset that actively encourages talent to learn and improve. Imagine a world in which ‘know-it-alls’ are replaced with ‘learn-it-alls’. Not a bad vision, is it?  As a topic of conversation in the HR world, it’s encouraging to see that ongoing learning is increasingly being […]

Professional development: the challenges of introducing a coaching culture


At Academics’ Corner we explore the latest HR research coming out of the academic sector that HR professionals need to know about. Here, Jan Hills, Partner at Head Heart + Brian, discusses research on the issues faced with introducing a coaching culture. According to a new study from the International Centre for Leadership Coaching, most managers don’t understand what coaching […]

Clear communication: empowering non-native (and native) English speakers to write better


Clear communications are essential for organisations to function properly and it’s up to HR to come up with smart solutions to make this happen. Organisations rely on written communication. Website content, scripts for live chats, customer journey drips, process documents, policy documents, terms and conditions and emails are just a few examples. For an eye-opening […]

Book review: My 10 strategies for integrative coaching


HRZone has a range of books available for review. If you would like to receive one of our business books, free of charge, please contact the editor on editor at hrzone dot com and we can send you a list of what’s available. In return, we ask for a 400-700 word review of the book, […]