Book review: Pivoting – a coach’s guide to igniting substantial change


HRZone has a range of books available for review (click for the list). If you would like to receive one of our business books, free of charge, please contact the editor on editor at hrzone dot com and we can send you a list of what’s available. Please note this offer is only available to those who […]

The case for and against: is Skype coaching valuable?


There are plenty of contentious issues in HR and the workplace, and we think it’s important to get a balanced discussion going on some of the bigger questions out there. In this series, we’ll be asking HR experts and practitioners to give us opposing viewpoints on a key issue, and we welcome your input too! If […]

Evidence-based agony aunt: a conversation with a defensive employee


Our evidence-based agony aunt, Jan Hills, uses findings from neuroscience and psychology to tell you how to solve your organisational problems in brain-savvy ways, that work with the mind's natural tendecies and not against it. Got a problem you want her to look at it? Drop us a line at We'll get back quickly. […]

Coaching for leadership – how to make it work


What are the building blocks for confident, focussed and trusted leadership? This series, 'Building great leadership' covers everything you need to know, from identifying and developing leaders, to giving effective feedback and measuring success. When does the leadership journey start? Is there some sort of magic mirror that we pass through on our way from […]

Coaching or telling. Which works? Here’s the evidence…


It's Neuroscience Learning Month on HRZone. You're reading one of the pieces that's been written to help you develop a sound understanding of why neuroscience principles are important to business, and a basic understanding of how you can apply them effectively. There's loads more content going live over the month to help you on your way, […]

Coaching goes to university – a case study


Is there a reason that coaching sessions are rare within a university environment?  For many in the business world, coaching is a key part of life, contributing to career progression, helping with productivity, supporting teamwork and enhancing leadership. However, in the world of higher education it’s still rare to find regular coaching as a part […]

Coaching’s search for respectability


Karen Drury is a volunteer for the EMCC. Coaches are everywhere. A report published by the International Coaching Federation and PwC in 2012 estimated that there were 21,000 professional practicing coaches in Europe, generating around $900m in revenue.   The growth in the industry has not been mirrored in the academic field, even if research interest […]

It takes two to tango: getting employees in the game


Can you imagine Sir Dave Brailsford—formerly performance director of British Cycling—waiting until the end of the season to give his players feedback? Of course not. (If that were the case, his team wouldn’t have led the cycling medal table at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games). The same idea holds true in the workplace. It’s […]

Book Review: Mindful Leadership Coaching by Manfred FR Kets de Vries


Title: Mindful Leadership Coaching: Using Mindfulness to Develop Leaders and Transform TeamsAuthor: Manfred Kets de VriesISBN: 978-1137382320 This book was reviewed by David Evans of Burn Bridge Associates. In a world where coaching seems to be on an ever-increasing popularity curve, it is a real pleasure to read a book that tackles the subject in such […]

What happens when corporate leaders and managers ‘derail?’


People dictate what organisational culture is, not location, sector or size. Research by Schneider (1987) asserted that ‘the people make the place’; that people are attracted to and recruited into organisations where they think they will fit. Over time, in ways that are outside of individual awareness, organisations maintain the characteristics of the high-status people […]

The role of the coach: Applying sport and organisational psychology to business


Sport is big business – sponsorship deals, corporate governance, television rights. Over the last two decades, many people with business backgrounds have moved into senior positions within sport and several programmes (such as the FTSE-BOA Initiative around London 2012) have sought to encourage sport organisations to learn from business organisations. But what about the other […]

Developing corporate entrepreneurs to drive innovation – part 2


Find out more about how to drive innovation through coaching in this free whitepaper. AOEC are also promoting a Twitter chat on coaching and innovation that starts at 8pm on Thursday February 13th. Why not join the conversation with hashtag #aoecinnov? This is part two of a two-part article series – read Developing corporate entrepreneurs to drive innovation […]

Developing corporate entrepreneurs to drive innovation – part 1


Find out more about how to drive innovation through coaching in this free whitepaper. AOEC are also promoting a Twitter chat on coaching and innovation that starts at 8pm on Thursday February 13th. Why not join the conversation with hashtag #aoecinnov? This is part one of a two-part article series – read Developing corporate entrepreneurs to drive […]

Book review: Behind Closed Doors: Stories from the Coaching Room


Title: Behind Closed Doors: Stories from the Coaching RoomAuthors: Erik de Haan, Ann Baldwin, Nicola Carew, Stephanie ConwayISBN: 978-1907471773 This book review was written by Nicola Barber, HR Manager Kilwaughter Chemical Company Limited and Regional Ambassador, Engage for Success. I approached this book with a certain degree of weariness; the cover looked like a standard text book. However, […]

How to develop ‘winners’ at work


The UK’s success in the 2012 Olympics and our recent Wimbledon triumph has highlighted the importance of coaching as a means of developing high performance and realising people’s potential. The surprising truth is that many of the methods used to create champions in sport can also be used to develop ‘winners’ at work. Winning in […]

Four easy steps to plan for career change


Of course skills, qualifications and abilities are vital, but when I am coaching people who want to change career, it often transpires that they have not stopped to consider what they really want. It’s natural to some extent to want to just move on quickly, but this research and reflection time will be time very […]