Employee wellbeing: Is presenteesim a symptom of flexible working?


The CIPD has recently published their annual Health and wellbeing at work report which rouses concern in the rise in presenteeism – the act of working when you’re not feeling well. This is despite seeing a decrease in presenteeism and leaveism since last year, dropping from 86% to 83% and 57% to 51% respectively. But […]

Flexible working: the four-day working week in the eyes of four generations


Working four days instead of five every week? While earning the same salary? That would sound amazing for employees – but is it? Would all employees want a four-day working week? What about employers, would they be willing to accept such an arrangement? To help answer these questions, Henley Business School has published a white […]

How can HR create a company culture ‘to go’ in an age of remote working?


Remote working is perhaps one of the defining characteristics of the modern workplace. It has evolved from a perk to table stakes for many employers. In fact, there’s a good chance you will be reading this while working remotely – indeed, 70% of the world does so at least once a week, according to Gallup. […]

Remote versus mobile working and why it affects diversity and inclusion


There’s a big difference between remote and mobile working and that distinction could make or break your diversity, inclusion and retention strategy. Thanks to a plethora of tools and technologies, remote work is becoming the norm for millions of employees around the world. In fact, as soon as next year, it’s estimated that half of […]

Flexible working: employers must ease the strain for working parents or lose the talent


Despite the introduction of shared parental leave, many organisations still hold outdated attitudes towards working parents and penalise people for having family commitments. If yours is one of them, you could be at risk of losing some of your top talent. Lack of true flexibility in the modern workplace is pushing working parents to breaking […]

Recruitment strategy: why temporary staff make businesses stronger


Hiring temporary workers can help cover busy periods, keep your permanent team happy and improve your customer relationships – which is why it’s an ideal solution in a fast-moving business environment. According to the SIA Talent Study 2019, 30% of UK companies now hire temporary staff across all job levels, from managers to admin. This […]

Flexible working: why organisations must stop ignoring working fathers


It is becoming clear that millennial fathers are more active parents and want to be more involved day to day across all parenting areas.  This is borne out by our most recent research report looking at the Millennial Dad at Work and by previous research we conducted last year with over 1,200 dads across the […]

Workplace stress: why good leadership is key to stress management


Work-related stress is on the rise, so it’s down to leadership teams to set a good example and take mental health more seriously. In today’s ‘always-on’ and hyper-connected workplace, work-related stress is becoming a real problem – so much so, it’s become the top cause of absenteeism for UK businesses. According to NHS Employers, stress […]

Employee benefits: why annual leave is an untapped rewards opportunity


Annual leave is seen as a ‘given’, and yet increasing numbers of employees are not making the best use of it. By taking a fresh look at standard leave, employers can help turn it into a benefit that will inspire and motivate employees.  Recently Ernst & Young Australia announced it was offering its employees six […]

‘Do I belong here?’ The question potential employees are asking themselves


Employers need go far beyond the tick-box exercise of recruiting diverse talent to develop a dynamically rich and inclusive workplace culture. Making employees feel like they belong within your business may be the answer, but what does this actually entail? Diversity and inclusion experts have long sought to diversify the attraction and recruitment process. Unconscious bias […]

Remote working: five top tips for keeping home workers healthy


Think back to archive images of men in grey suits, bowler hats and rolled up umbrellas, marching together like a colony of penguins, all heading in the same direction to offices that were as uniform as their appearance. Communication was limited to meetings, phones and letters. Most people worked their way up in one organisation, […]