Winning the war for global talent: how to improve your employee value proposition


A recent survey of global mobility (GM) professionals around the world has revealed that most multinationals are struggling to attract the right candidates. For all sorts of reasons, employees are unwilling to relocate, which can cause skills shortages and other problems for organisations. The RES Forum’s latest report, Working Towards Top Class Global Mobility explains […]

Five ways to ensure a smooth transformation to global HR


Choosing an HR software system that enables you to transform the way you handle data globally requires careful consideration, research and preparation for the complexities that lay ahead. Regardless of whether you have thousands of employees or a just a few hundred, if you operate internationally, you’ll be more than aware that in today’s increasingly connected (and […]

Global mobility: how to ensure your short-term international assignments are a success


In the first of a two-part series, Professor Michael Dickmann, explores the findings from The RES Forum’s latest research on short-term assignments and offers five recommendations for ensuring the success of this form of global work. The rise in popularity of the ‘short term assignment/assignee’ (STA) – typically defined as an overseas posting lasting less […]

Data mastery: a key global mobility challenge


This article has been written on behalf of the RES Forum by Professor Michael Dickmann, Professor of International Human Resource Management at Cranfield University School of Management and Vicki Marsh, Head of UK Operations at Equus Software. How companies are exploiting – or not – the benefits from the identification and visualisation of global mobility […]

Book review: What is global leadership?


HRZone has a range of books available for review. If you would like to receive one of our business books, free of charge, please contact the editor on editor at hrzone dot com and we can send you a list of what's available. In return, we ask for a 400-700 word review of the book, […]

Analysing the challenges in global mobility


For a host of reasons that have dominated the news agenda over the first half of the year, 2016 is certainly starting to look like one of the most extraordinary years in recent history. However, on a slightly more prosaic level, what are the major issues dominating the global mobility (GN) agenda? The RES Forum, […]

Are conflicting local challenges preventing global HR integration?


As global growth opportunities arise, it comes as no surprise that many businesses are pursuing expansion in order to further their reach and enter new markets. This can often lead to problems in providing consistent and standardised policies companywide, however, due to difficulties in integrating global models that take into account regional processes and values. […]

25 top tips from Grant Thornton’s Talent Mobility team


Following Grant Thornton's Talent Mobility team recently being awarded HR Team of the Year at the Re:locate awards 2016, Susan Gregory, Head of Talent Mobility, shares her 25 top tips for HR professionals to consider when co-ordinating international assignments: It’s all about the employee experience. You are moving people not objects; each are different so […]

Leadership lessons from the Referendum


I have no desire to enter the political fray with my thoughts on whether the UK should stay or remain.  I’m already clear which way I’m going to vote but am unsure if I will have made the correct decision. And that comes down to the way the campaign was originally conceived and has subsequently […]

Multinationals: How managers can engage employees


Throughout the majority of our engagement research, we’ve seen that immediate managers continually play a key role in employees’ engagement and commitment. The questions we’re often asked are: what makes a great manager and how can managers increase engagement? During the previous two articles I examined engagement in multinationals and outlined why engagement needs CEOs.  […]

What can we learn from Denmark on happiness at work?


After years of international study, Danish workplaces continue to top polls and remain among the happiest in the world. What can we learn from their continued success? During the UN General Assembly in 2011, Jigme Thinley, the Prime Minister of Bhutan, offered to lead a panel discussion on the theme of happiness and wellbeing, inviting member […]

Making talent management work in global mobility


Within our highly globalised and competitive environment, organisations are urged to identify, select, prepare, develop, promote and performance manage staff who are able and keen to successfully work abroad. Over recent decades, progressive organisations have steadily considered the mutual dependency of assignees and multinational corporations (MNCs) in order to review and refine their global mobility (GM) approaches. The […]

How does coaching differ across the world?


Having a helicopter view of the global coaching market gives us a vantage point into coaching trends in different parts of the world. Differences in coaching delivery in different countries is in the way that programmes are put together, the preferred length of sessions and whether delivery is face-to-face or virtual. There is definite consistency […]

Why engagement in multinationals needs CEOs


Boards of Directors (including C-level and CEOs) can account for a ninefold difference in employee engagement and commitment. Insights gained from our recent multinational study reveal that when employees have confidence in the board, they are nine times more likely to be engaged in their work and committed to the organisation. As a follow up […]

What can Europe teach tomorrow’s business leaders?


There’s so much rich insight coming out of the academic sector that HR professionals need to know. At Academics’ Corner we feature the best HR researchers that tell you what they’ve found and what you need to do differently on the back of the research. Get connected to the academic sector through Academics’ Corner and […]