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The benefits of apprenticeships


A new study from the Learning and Skills Network reveals that the combination of theoretical and practical training for apprentices was invaluable.

‘Career Paths of Former Apprentices’, by Rossana Perez-del-Aguila, Helen Monteiro and Maria Hughes, looked at whether the methods of learning in apprenticeships had been influential in future success.

The report says: “The mix of on-the-job and off-the-job learning, combining theoretical and competence-based components through practical experience in the workplace, was seen to be invaluable in the development of apprentices and their access to later career opportunities.

“Hands-on experience was highly valued, and the practice of placing apprentices
alongside more experienced colleagues was seen to be an important way for them to
develop technical and social skills.”

Communication was considered to be the key workplace skill as it provides “increased confidence and access to further learning”.

The report found that the majority of apprentices remained with the employer who sponsored their training and that employers rewarded loyalty with career progression – meaning former apprentices were to be found at all levels of organisations, some in senior roles.

Although the size of business was relevant to career progression, so was the sector – for instance, in retail it is normal to progress by moving between companies.

In cases where career progression was not possible, apprentices were more likely to take the step of becoming self-employed than their non-apprentice peers.

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  1. Completely agree. Apprentices are an efficient way of finding th

    18-24yr olds is reaching 1 million

    1/ 3rd of the workforce will retire in the next 10 years

    Businesses need new people to enter their companies and bring new energy

    Apprentices are more productive , stay longer, more committed and reduce long-term recruitment costs. Plus they are trained

    The App* Store is a one-stop-shop to find suitable 16—24 year old apprentices to take up your current vacancies. Only keen, motivated and suitable apprentices will be identified for you to then choose from. No worrying about training as this is all sorted out for you with high quality training providers and certified qualifications.

    No training costs to pay
    Staff will be trained on the job thereby developing key skills that
    your business will directly benefit from
    We employ the apprentice, you simply host them and provide them work to do.
    We manage all the payroll, tax and N.I. etc.
    We will support the apprentice with regular performance reviews
    to ensure they excel in your business
     Payroll costs are typically 25% – 40% lower than for regular staff or temps
    No risk if apprentices aren’t working out – just hand them back
    Firms that take on apprentices experience higher levels of retention and
    therefore lower recruitment costs.

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    0207 921 4424 or email [email protected]

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