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The Couch?! Gets dunking


This week The Couch!? has a sit down and nice cup of Rosie Lee (the solution to all problems, a cultural symbol, a national obsession – Doesn’t it make you want to swell with pride?). No problems to report but having watched all this sport on television this week we all feel a bit exhausted. This of course got us thinking…

The Couch?! would like to hear about your favourite biscuit accompaniment to a nice cup of tea.

To get you inspired the Couch?! team has devised a top ten dunkers list:-
(Please note we devised our top ten after a series of extensive biscuit dunking lab tests)

1. Chocolate Hobnob
2. Penguin
3. Custard cream
4. Digestives
5. Rich tea
6. Chocolate digestives
7. Nice
8. Shortcake Fingers
9. Bourbon
10. Ginger nuts

The Couch?! would also like to hear the secret to the perfect cup of tea, do you put the milk in first? warming the pot before filling? Does it make a difference?

Or maybe tea is not your cup of tea and you prefer coffee or other exotic substances!

For more tea and biscuits take a look at the sites below:-

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  1. exactly
    Ginger snaps are a must with a cup of tea. I totally agree with you David.

    Has anyone ever tried Tim Tams? I think they are from New Zealand or Australia, but they just melt in your mouth.

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