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The small efforts that drive significant change

Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand for making change. But with small, consistent actions, we can make progress with EDI efforts and make a difference.
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In the fast-paced world of business, making a change or a difference in the realm of employee experience can often feel like an uphill battle. 

I, like many, am extremely frustrated that I can’t make change now, with my magic wand. 

I would wish, like many, for the world to be more welcoming and inclusive for all. A world where we can all thrive and not merely survive for who we are. 

Alas, that is not the case, so what can we do?

Amplify small efforts and wins

We can make significant progress through small, consistent actions to fostering a culture of inclusion and positive employee experience. 

If we use the 1% principle, and take the number one and raise it to the power of 365, at the end of the year we still have one. If we add 1% more to that and work with 1.01 over the year that equates to 37.8 which is itself a 3780% improvement just through that 1% incremental effort compounded over the year.  

It is important to remember where we started. Often, whilst we think we haven’t made progress, we have when we look back at our journey it has been significant.

We also have to recognise that not everyone is ready and onboard with a hockey stick curve of change. We have our BAU (business as usual) plus all of the other day-to-day challenges that crop up, coupled with people’s inherent resistance to rapid change. Taking the slow and steady approach is often more inclusive, sustainable and results in lasting change.

We, as HR and L&D professionals, can focus on the achievable; those incremental changes that collectively make a substantial impact.  

For example, we can start to ask ourselves, “What can I do, right now?”, “What’s stopping me?”, “How can I remove those blockers?” and “What support can I leverage to help me in this?”.

Making a difference in the realm of employee experience can often feel like an uphill battle

Streamlining with tech

By utilising technology to help streamline equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives and to also enhance our employee experience, we can, even in resource-constrained environments, start to drive change. 

Often, the investment we have already made in these platforms is underutilised. More benefits can be gleaned through a little investigation, innovation and training.

There are many tools and platforms that can maximise impact without heavy upfront resource investment. We live in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is now prevalent and everywhere we look. This can help with collaboration on policy development and best practices guides, creation of infographics and FAQs.

We can, even in resource-constrained environments, start to drive change. 

Build allies

The power of building a network of allies within the organisation to support EDI efforts, even when faced with resistance is crucial.  

Leveraging lived experience from our Staff Networks and Employee Resource Groups is a good place to start (without overburdening them). These colleagues can be sounding boards and help us build active allies in the organisation.

Bit by bit, as HR and L&D professionals, we can start to communicate the importance of EDI and employee experience to sceptical stakeholders and slowly, but surely, change hearts and minds – through well thought out and planned initiatives, a ‘little and often’ is a sound strategy.

Empower employees

When we are short of resources, time and money, we can explore the potential of empowering employees to drive change from within. 

Successful employee-led initiatives that have positively impacted EDI and employee experience often include commemorative events for occasions such as Pride, Ramadan, Menopause, Prostate and Breast Cancer Awareness.  

Through these types of initiatives, we can bring awareness to the wider organisation, foster active allies and bring forward ideas for change.

Building a network of allies and empowering employees are crucial strategies

Making a difference

  • Making a difference in EDI and employee experience is possible even in challenging circumstances
  • Small, consistent efforts can lead to significant positive change over time
  • Technology and innovation can be leveraged to maximise impact without extensive resources
  • Building a network of allies and empowering employees are crucial strategies for overcoming resistance and driving change
  • The voice of HR and L&D professionals is instrumental in advocating for a more inclusive and positive work environment, even when faced with obstacles

Let me finish by saying, while the challenges of limited time, resources and resistance may seem daunting, HR and L&D professionals have the power to make a meaningful difference in the realms of EDI and employee experience. 

By embracing strategic, innovative, and inclusive approaches, we can drive positive change and create a more equitable and enriching workplace for all.

What is your 1% that can make all the difference?

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Joanne Lockwood

Inclusion and Belonging Specialist

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