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Top 10 leadership articles from February


21st century leadership is a tough nut to crack, and a whole different ballgame for many leaders who have built-up notions of success based on the latter half of the 20th century. Science and psychology are bringing new insight to bear and it's essential we get rid of pre-conceived notions about what makes a leader to enable us to really benefit from this new insight and develop our own internal models of leadership that resonate with the diverse workforces around us.

February was our leadership month on HRZone and we posted a whole heap of content from leadership experts around the globe. Here are 10 of the most popular:

Do we still need managers?

  • To improve leadership we must ask questions that are deep and searching – this one cuts right to the chase.

How to smash leadership barriers

  • Obstacles prevent leaders from achieving their potential – to become the best you need to overcome them.

The way you think about leadership is broken

  • We need to think about leadership with a 21st century mindset. If you're not, you're heading for failure.

Leadership figures in focus – Napoleon Bonaparte

  • An exploration of the famous French military leader – what made him acquire followers, what were his most potent qualities, what made him fall from grace.

Cheerfulness is the most important leadership quality

  • Andrew St George, who spent three years studying Royal Navy leadership, explores one of his most eye-opening lessons.

Emotional Quotient – the key to balanced leadership

  • Emotional regulation is a skill we've brushed under the carpet because it's below the surface and hard to learn. But we've done that to our peril.

The key to 21st century leadership

  • The world has changed and everything needs to keep up – including our idea of what makes a good leader.

Ethical leadership – do things right, do the right thing

  • Is there an inherent moral duty to being a leader and does this make decision-making much easier?

Leadership – too much, too soon?

  • Leaders are human beings and we damage their future by romanticising their abilities and expecting the world.

How can we find the time to lead?

  • Everyone's time poor, everyone's busy – but you still have to lead people into uncertainty. How do you find the time?
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Jamie Lawrence

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